Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Vine

Last week I finally broke out the oil paints and sat down to do a nice still life painting. But after much wrangling with the oils and my 16 month old trying to put her hands in the paint, I decided that I'd better go digital and keep the carpets, walls and furniture paint free.

I set up the tomatoes next to my computer and just started going at it. Since I originally wanted to paint "On the Vine" in oils, I tried to paint as traditionally as I could, specifically not using the undo button. I put a brush stroke down, and if I made a mistake, I corrected it as if I was using "real" paint. It's done in painter 9.5, using the Conte stick (brush), in about 8 hours.

Thanks for looking.

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lori said...

Wow...very nice! I am not familiar with digital painting, but I know it takes a lot of talent. Would you like to share a tip on my blog - ??? thanks, Lori